Behind great music there is a great team. An artist, a producer, an engineer. When the best players bring their best to the table the magic happens. Here you can build the team to match your vision.
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Find the producer who understands your creative vision and can help you mold a great sound. Hire a talented mixing engineer, custom fit for your needs and budget. Take your sound to the next level now


Find and collaborate with interesting new artists who are serious about their careers. Connect with the right engineer to record or mix your project(s). Expand your network now


Offer your recording and mixing experience to serious artists, bands and producers. Work on interesting projects with new people from all over the world. Promote your services to those who need it most, right now

Automatic Matching Engine

The crown jewel of The Hobnob. After you register your account and completely fill out your profile, the AME will handpick ideal artists, producers or engineers based on your profile, project and needs, putting you in direct contact with people you are likely to collaborate with. Make sure all details in your profile are complete to take full advantage of this amazing tool!

" Across the whole record we did get to keep a lot of stuff that never needed to be redone. It was just five people playing in a room. There were no click tracks and there was no splicing of the backing tracks"

Peter Henderson on Supertramp "Breakfast in America"
7 Basic Rules Of Being An Independent Artist

" By Music Business Guru-Sahpreem A. King © 2013 Music Business Guru Academy.   Believe In Yourself. If you are not willing to drink the Kool-Aid, what makes you think your fans will? As an i... " Read More

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