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Welcome to the hobnob, the first online collaboration directory for music production. The Hobnob was created with the goal to make it easier for artists to connect with the right producers and engineers for their projects. We also see it as a place for producers to discover talented and committed artists/bands. The site will be a place for artists to learn more about the art of music production and the role of the producer. We want to demystify the production process and explain the importance of producers and engineers for your music. Here you can browse through profile pages, make contact with and create a great team for your  project. You can search manually with advanced search parameters or use the unique AME (Automatic Matching Engine) to suggest a list of suitable candidates with one click of the machine.

The man behind The Hobnob is Filippo Gaetani. Filippo is a seasoned record producer engineer and songwriter who has worked for many years with artists from across the USA, CAN, UK and Europe. In this time he has overseen projects in the Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soundtracks and World Music fields, making records in both high-end and project studios across the Globe. Filippo hopes this site will be a source of information about the role of the producer and engineer in helping an artist or band reach their artistic vision. You are encouraged to bring your suggestions and creative ideas to make the Hobnob a better place for music production. You can also write to: feedback@thehobnob.net.

April 2016 / Frankfurt Musik Messe: Please also check the brand new site called Mixpoll, a utility tool allowing mixing engineers and producers to get quick feedback on their current mix - work in progress, just rating other's people work.

The site is still in html form only. (Apr 6th 2016)

If you wish to see how it works and read about it, please visit demo.mixpoll.net to get access to the html version.


more on Filippo : www.filippogaetani.com


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