Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Hobnob?

Simply put, The Hobnob is a directory of artists, bands, producers and engineers. Our aim is to make this site your first destination when you’re looking for the following: We help you make the best connections possible through use of our very special Automatic Searching Engine (AME). The AME is like a hired agent that knows you very well, and goes out to find work and collaborators for you when you need it to. Please keep in mind that The Hobnob community is new and still growing. The site and it’s features will evolve and become more exciting as our membership base expands. For now you can try it, meet a few new people, and get a general feel for our purpose.

How does it work ?

First, you register and create your personal profile page. You can have a Producer/Engineer account or/and an Artist/Band account. If you want to register as a band, write your band`s name in the name field. You can create as many accounts as you wish, as long as your email addresses are valid. Next, you fill in the necessary profile information, as detailed as possible. This will allow the AME to better work it’s magic and find people you can work with.

Is it free ?

There are two types of memberships, Free and Pro. With the Free subscription you can create your profile, use a manual search, and the Power Search. You can only use the AME three times with the free subscription. The Pro subscription costs $25 every six months. As a Pro member you can use the AME as many times as you wish, and have the ability to directly contact another Pro member from within the site. You will also be able to write articles. Pro members will get monthly alerts of new Hobnob registrants who match the criteria the member has set.

Is this another music social network site ?

No, this is a growing directory of artists, bands and producers/engineers. This is also a community of professionals. The aim is to create and encourage collaboration, job opportunities and artistic productivity. The Hobnob is a membership based website. We will try to make sure all of our members and profiles within The Hobnob community are legit. Our administrators can suspend an account if considered inappropriate, and the user will be notified.

What is the Hobnob’s next development ?

Beta Version 2 is now up. New developments for V 2 include: There are more cool features for artists and work opportunities for pros coming up in the next months so stay tuned !

Why do I need a producer ?

Google this sentence and you'll find many interesting blogs and articles on the subject. It is worth taking the time to explore them in depth. A good producer brings experience, a deep musical background, technical knowledge, guidance, sensitivity, structure, business contacts and sometimes good advice on how to sell and market your music.

Other things a good producer brings to the table:

What our fellow producers have to say...

"When Alanis Morissette recorded her "Jagged Little Pill" album that went on to sell 15 million copies or more, she basically lived with her producer (Glen Ballard) for 3 months. Was it because she liked him ? No, they had a job to do. When the Bee Gees record an album they have a producer. This is the band that Barry Gibb is in, the guy who has written and produced more hit songs than anyone EVER. That's EVER. Not this year or since Kylie was in Neighbours but EVER. When The Bee Gees do a record, they get a producer, the man who is a producers' producer gets a producer. Why is that do you say? Well I'm glad you asked. Don't forget one thing that is often overlooked - if you put yourselves in the hands of a good producer, you will learn from a professional. As a producer, I have learned great things from great musicians and bands, the reason I know lots about guitars and drums etc. is because I have been taught lots by great musicians. My No-1 session guitarist has taught me heaps about great guitar sounds cause he has great guitars and amps, so now I know when I hear a guitar sound, I know if it's great, good, crook or sucks and I know what to do to sort it out. That's why I have a gun (joking!!). Similarly, knowledge is passed down from a producer to a band. So whatever you're paying him, there is payback in more ways than one.

 A good producer will teach a band about song structure, guitar sounds, vocal phrasing, drum tuning, dedication and will inspire the band in general and this is while you are recording the CD. If you've ever seen the movie The Wizard Of Oz, it's kinda like this, the characters are hell bent on getting to where they're going not realizing how much they are learning until the end. That's what it's like recording an album. Lots of bands have reported back to me, that after recording, they go on to play so much better live, their fans notice it and the gigs go off better." From "Why Do I Need a Producer" by Jeff Cripps "I know a band who, despite my advice, insisted in trying to save money and do the recordings on their own at the studios of friends or in rehearsal rooms. They had even been offered to use a studio for free at some friends. They made two sets of demos and what would possibly be the final recording. I patiently listened after each session as I promised I would. Listening back to their results after each session I was surprised (and horrified) by how poor the recordings and mixes were sounding. I then suggested again to hire a producer. The second and the third time (the one which was supposed to be the final recording) were even worse than the first. They insisted on trying different free solutions (DYI, friend, cousin in France, etc) in the hope to nail the recordings at some point... Well they never achieved the sound they wanted and in the end spent more money than they would have if they invested in a producer and made one proper solid recording. I kindly asked them not to play me their songs anymore " Filippo Gaetani

How do I choose the right producer ?

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